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Published Date Mar 28, 2021


  • Pyra - March 2021
    Finally the Pyra has started shipping! Actually it started shipping last year - the first few units from the early batch of 200 so-called “pre-pre-orders” started on their way to lucky early adopters. [ Read more... ]
  • Release Date for the Pyra?
    Update 27th May Global Components have populated the display and CPU boards Mainboards still to do The sound issues involve clipping /crashing of audio at maximum volume, but this isn’t an issue that would cause any delay in release Screen rotation is the biggest outstanding software issue, requiring kernel v4. [ Read more... ]
  • Pyra - March 2020
    Almost one year on from my previous entry on the Pyra, we finally have an update, and it now genuinely looks like production of the final units is about to start. [ Read more... ]
  • Pyra - Hybrid Gaming Ultraportable
    The Pyra is a device that I’m most excited about, and am finally hopeful that it will see a 2019 release (to be confirmed). [ Read more... ]