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Release Date for the Pyra?

Update 27th May

  • Global Components have populated the display and CPU boards
  • Mainboards still to do
  • The sound issues involve clipping /crashing of audio at maximum volume, but this isn’t an issue that would cause any delay in release
  • Screen rotation is the biggest outstanding software issue, requiring kernel v4.19 to work
  • Cases still haven’t been coated
  • Boxes and manual are still to be produced
  • Heatpipes and heatsinks are not yet ready

Regarding the Forth of May’s update

May the forth be with us…

There has been another long anticipated news update for the Pyra, and while this time mentions specific problems due to the current pandemic, there are also clearly defined time-lines mentioned. So here’s a summary, and a prediction of when the Pyra might start finally getting shipped to customers.

Link: News post for Monday May 4th

Current Background

  • Sales have dropped to the Dragonbox website, although a profit is still being made
  • Various promotions are prioritizing time
  • Software development has been badly affected by the pandemic
  • EvilDragon is alive and well (just very busy)

Completed Parts

  • 1000 unpainted cases have been produced
  • Batteries, screens, LCD cables, nubs are all available

What’s Left

  • Heat pipe material has been ordered - but will take 5 weeks
  • Heatsinks have been ordered - will take 1-2 weeks
  • Boxes and manuals - have not been finished (although the box design and who is designing it has been discussed before)
  • Samples for silicone battery protectors - just arrived from Poland
  • Colour coating for the cases is to be decided and applied, which may take 2-3 weeks (the painting process is quick once a colour is decided - dark grey and chrome have been suggested so far though) the company responsible has just re-opened
  • Population of the PCBs has begun, and due to complete in 2-3 weeks
  • Assembly of the final units will be made on site at the Dragonbox shop

Schedule Estimate

  • Heat pipe material hopefully can arrive from around the week of the 8th of June
  • Timeline for boxes and manuals has not been discussed, but will not likely hold up production
  • State of the software is important but not essential. Sound problems will likely need to be sorted before ED is confident for a release though
  • All other things could in theory run in parallel with delivery of outstanding items
  • Assembly of units will likely be slower at first, and it is also likely that volunteers may struggle to help depending on status of lock downs in place

So, I think it’s reasonable to guess that early units could start to get shipped out from mid-June at the earliest. Hopefully, all being well, most units will follow suit during July 2020.

However, it has been estimated that the Pyra would release sometime over the last few years so it’s hard to be entirely certain. That being said, the only major problem we have at the moment isn’t whether the Pyra will be released this year, but rather how the pandemic will disrupt or impair any current progress.