RetroCode UK



This site has been build using open source software and assets, and a minimum of code which is used to structure and build the site from a template of markdown files and assets.


  • Content management systems are fragile, prone to change at the whim of their creators, or insecure (e.g. attacks are often directly targeted at specific versions or plugins).
  • Frameworks are also prone to change, and require a lot of work in maintenance.
  • Custom code can be streamlined, but also require a lot of dedication and hard work, and we (programmers) also like to try different techniques or ideas, which isn’t a suitable platform for a stable site.

Enter the Unix Philosophy

The simplest format for writing structured text content is arguably markdown. By keeping all my posts in simple markdown, there are several benefits:

  • Any code could be developed / used to render & display the content to the public.
  • Code required for building a site is trivial, allowing focus on more important things.
  • Content isn’t stuck in a database that could corrupt, be hacked or fail.
  • Content is also content versioned.
  • It’s easier to improve usability and accessibility without the cost of massive file sizes.

No Tracking

Very few websites will even work without JavaScript, and many make a point of tracking you, even if the site owner never even uses the metrics that provides. I don’t need to know or care who you are, whereabouts you live, or whatever, so as a matter of principle this website has:

  • No cookies
  • No JavaScript
  • No tracking