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Published Date Apr 6, 2021


  • PinePhone KDE versus Phosh
    KDE Pros The interface is slick (and smooth after an update) Phone calls and texts work, mostly Looks and works more like a “normal” phone (intuitive) Cons Mobile signal / SIM disconnects frequently Slow to wake up Calendar doesn’t connect to NextCloud Some apps cover the buttons to close or minimise them Some icons are unintuitive Japanese language not supported by default Applications Keysmith – Manage accounts for one-time passwords Spacebar – Keyboard Angelfish – browser Koko – manage images Buho – notes application KDE Connect – connect with another mobile device or laptop Phosh Pros Lightweight, simpler interface Faster resume from suspend Calls and texts work fine Cons Not as slick as the KDE interface
  • PinePhone - Manjaro Phosh Community Edition
    Background A couple of months ago I received a PinePhone, Manjaro edition (with the Manjaro logo on the back), and have been playing around with regularly since then, mostly updating it (there are regular software upgrades), and testing out software (the catalogue of compatible applications for a smaller portrait, touchscreen-based device is somewhat limited). It’s still in beta, so the software still has usability issues and bugs here and there, but with Manjaro Phosh (which came with the model I ordered), works smoothly, and texts and phone calls also work well. [ Read more... ]