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Freeze 64 Fanzine Issue 16 #FREEZE64 @C64_endings

It never ceases to amaze me how passionate the community around the C64 is, and some of you may be amazed to learn that there are still many games being developed and released for the Commodore 64; 30 odd years after its release.

One such celebration of this passion is in the form of a fanzine called Freeze64.

freeze_1 The latest edition in the collection

The latest edition of the Freeze64 Fanzine appeared this week.

It’s a special one for me, as Boulderdash, the cover feature, is one of my all time favourite games. There’s also a reference to Repton, a game that I spent a very long time playing when I was a child (it wasn’t released on C64, and doesn’t often get mentioned anwhere these days).

There’s a load of content, including (and not limited to):

  • Secret Squirrel Investigates - Hidden secrets / Easter eggs in C64 games
  • Desert Island Disks - interview in the form of the BBC Radio 4 programme with a guest C64 personality
  • Development insights - behind the scenes looks at C64 games development
  • Cheats, pokes and tips - infinite lives, level skips, etc.
  • Competitions

freeze_2 Looking at the game ending to Golden Axe

I’ve heard that also coming will be some articles on programming and hacking for the Commodore 64 so there’s more to come.

With the subscription there are also some nice extras in the form of cards with pokes and cheats.

The fanzine has apparently been gaining popularity, and rightly so. Vincenzo Mainolfi, the creator of Freeze 64, has put a lot of work in to it, and is always helpful and friendly when sending out new editions.

If you’re wanting to reminisce, or are interested in any of the new up-and-coming games for the cherished C64, then I highly recommend this publication.

freeze_3 The table of contents, and one of my favourite game characters (“Repton”, albeit relatively unknonwn to C64 users!