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  • 225g chappatti flour (wholemeal flour)
  • 175 ml water


  1. Add the flour to a mixing bowl
  2. Add water slowly while blending in with fingers
  3. Mix the flour and water into a dough (pliable enough to roll out into a round flat shape the size of a tea plate)
  4. Cover with a slightly damp tea towel for 15 minutes
  5. Knead for 2 minutes
  6. Place in a covered container until ready to use

Cooking the chappattis:

  1. Make a ball of dough (size of a large egg) on a lightly dusted board
  2. Pre-heat tawa (flat griddle) on a medium flame
  3. Roll the dough ball thinly to about 15cm, adding flour to prevent sticking
  4. Place chappatti on the tawa
  5. When bubbles can be seen on the surface, turn over
  6. When brown splits appear on the underside, flip over again.
  7. Cook until brown spots appear, pressing it down with a fish slice if necessary
  8. Serve immediately in a wicker weave chabba, or wrap in a clean tea-towel