The focus of Retrocode UK is intended to be looking at anything related to 80s & early 90s gaming (and some contemporary work), programming and some hardware projects or other related items.

There will be entries around topics such as:


There have been a few previous incarnations of my blog, which either have lacked focus, or have become burdonesome to manage.

This website is written using plain text files in the form of markdown, and focused on a relatively narrow subject base. The workflow is also simple: write some markdown, and use a few scripts to add images and push to the GitHub repository to deploy and add to the live website.


Where possible I use and promote the values of free software or open source. With those principles in mind, this website will not contain any tracking scripts, cookies, advertising. Javascript should be minimal, optional, and used only for formatting and minor UX improvements.




Published on 2018-02-03