"Pyra - March 2021"

pyra gadgets

Finally the Pyra has started shipping!

Actually it started shipping last year - the first few units from the early batch of 200 so-called "pre-pre-orders" started on their way to lucky early adopters.

The Pyra timeline:

All of the first 200 pre-pre-orderers committed to purchasing a Pyra, and to support Michael Mrozek's (EvilDragon) then new successor to the Pandora, and there are at least 800 more with active pre-orders looking forward to the eventual shipment.

Unfortunately, recent circumstances have obviously had their impact on production which has been much slower than it would otherwise have been.

Anyway, the Pandora and Pyra are both a hark to the best of how tech used to be back in the days of portable Psion organisers and the Gameboy; not just in aesthetics, but also extending up on that in terms of hackability and extendability. The Pandora and Pyra both come with an array of I/O ports, and I believe they have the perfect balance of fun and functionality.

One could argue that the Pyra is now dated. However there are plans to upgrade it with a replacement CPU & RAM expansion board possible (although not officially announced), and the 32-bit processor was ahead of its time back when it was released so still has a lot of potential. Actually the processor was developed for the automotive industry, so differs slightly to what you would normally expect in most modern handheld devices.

Hopefully I will be back sometime this year with a review of my Pyra. Until then, there are a few YouTubers starting to post videos.

Published on 2021-03-28