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Published Date Aug 14, 2020 Reading Time ~1 minutes RSS Feed Electronics Amiga

Programming the Bifrost

Here’s a quick guide to programming the Heimdall BiFrost v2

Operating Mode

Short Press

Right side of the power LED to enter Configuration Mode

Long Press

Left Right
HDD Load Bank 1 Load Bank 3
Floppy Load Bank 2 Load Bank 4

Configuration Mode

Short Press

Left Button Right Button
HDD Prev Colour Next Color
Floppy Brightness Down Brightness Up
Power Next Column Next Row

Long Press

Left Button Right Button
HDD Copy Toggle 1-2 LED (1)
Floppy Paste Toggle Invert LED
Power Reset to Default Save and Exit (2)

(1) Only when in basic mode (optional power cable not installed)

(2) The lights will flash different colours - when green press the button to assign to a bank