This site has been build using open source software and assets, and a minimum of code which is used to structure and build the site from a template of markdown files and assets.


Technology Rationale

Why would a professional web developer use a plain HTML blog?

Simple reason: as a programmer I'm not only lazy, but also never happy with a specific solution. There have been many incarnations and iterations of this website, and in the past there have been many frameworks and content management systems used.

  1. Content management systems are fragile, prone to change at the whim of their creators, or insecure (e.g. attacks are often directly targeted at specific versions or plugins).
  2. Frameworks are also prone to change, and require a lot of work in maintenance.
  3. Custom code can be streamlined, but also require a lot of dedication and hard work, and we (programmers) also like to try different techniques or ideas, which isn't a suitable platform for a stable site.

Enter the Unix Philosophy.

The simplest format for writing structured text content is arguably markdown. By keeping all my posts in simple markdown, there are several benefits:

No Tracking

Very few websites will even work without JavaScript, and many make a point of tracking you, even if the site owner never even uses the metrics that provides. I don't need to know or care who you are, whereabouts you live, or whatever, so as a matter of principle this website has:

Technologies Used


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